One of Philadelphia’s finest, and FRIDAY FLASHBACK‘s own, SUPER DJ Terrell Clark is putting up super soulful, deep house mixes. Get ’em while their hot!

“The early, soulful, and underground music scene in Philadelphia profoundly influenced Terrell. Through some of the late, great DJ pioneers, Donald Stone (Catacombs and Chuck’s Recovery Room), David Todd (Catacombs and respected studio re-mixer), and Brandon Harris (Smart Place and Olympia Ballroom) he learned that a DJ needed to be passionate about the music and tell a story in the mix…not just play records or let technology dictate how you did it. Add to this, the influence of SOUL from artists like EWF, TSOP, and Stevie Wonder, Terrell had the mentorship and influence that established him as a pillar in the Philadelphia music community!”