Whew, the last month has been a busy one – just trying to keep my juggling act fresh. lol Anyway, I haven’t been able to post, but I definitely want to share my current obsessions with my fly readers! Dig in.

>> DJ Tee Alford‘s new Funktion mix series is 5+ hours of deep, soulful house available for free download. Cop dat.

My brand new 2011 mix series entitled “Funktion”. These volumes showcase more of a range of my dance music tastes and rhythmic DJ stylings. My deejay personality is what I use to set a vibe and move my core audience – Funky People who love music and it’s artform. In each volume, I try to connect with the listeners and/or dancers, using a blend of old favorites, eclectic sleepers, recent hits, and soon to be dance floor anthems.”

Funktion ~ Deep Soul, Funk, Electronica by DJ Tee Alford

>> Immaculate Infatuation – 2 New Yorkers who work in the music industry by day and blog “real talk” restaurant reviews by night. My heroes.

We’re not real food critics, so you’re not going to hear any pretentious foodie hobnob from us. If you want those kinds of shenanigans, hit up the NY Times, Time Out New York, or New York Magazine and see what the “experts” think. We just like to eat well and advise our friends of where they should spend their money. In a city with so many great choices, is there any reason to eat mediocre food? No dice.”

>> Kim Hill is obviously my “go to” soul singer, but her talent as a selector continues to amaze and delight. Her weekly Facebook page feature, SPIN CYCLE, regularly introduces hot artists operating just below the mainstream radar as well as showcasing some of the best music from the more well known. Here’s a taste from last week.

Loft Party Mix: “Music I would spin at an intimate loft party to set the tone and break the ice for the hopeful lovers in the house. From NY, Detroit and London with one stop in LA would make for a crazy sexy cool lucky charm of a night.”

>> The Hour, A cocktail manifesto – only for the truly obsessed cocktail enthusiast. 

“…this book was written in 1948, and should not be taken so seriously. take it for what it is, a classic book on cocktails from a Mark Twain Scholar who has his opinons on how drinks should be made and enjoyed. Enjoy the book and think of the days of black and white TV shows about the nuclear family when dad came home and mom mixed him a perfect Martini. This is history.”

>> SuperDJ Terrell Clark is the TRUTH – his “Art of Mixing” series has raised the bar for the DJ pretenders. Free Download. Get some.

“The early, soulful, and underground music scene in Philadelphia profoundly influenced Terrell. Through some of the late, great DJ pioneers, Donald Stone (Catacombs and Chuck’s Recovery Room), David Todd (Catacombs and respected studio re-mixer), and Brandon Harris (Smart Place and Olympia Ballroom) he learned that a DJ needed to be passionate about the music and tell a story in the mix…not just play records or let technology dictate how you did it.”

>> Travelling to a new city? Don’t know where to eat? Foodspotting
to the rescue! Foodspotters post images of their fave restaurant dishes including description – and the restaurant location. What a great idea.

>> Cocktail website for the über mixologist & amateur enthusiasts: Idrink.com has gazillions of recipes, grouped by ingredients and/or theme + you can check if the cocktail that you “invented” already exists. 

>> Pavilions, Phuket is hosting an upcoming dinner with wine-maker Pascal Jolivet that I am totally excited about; menu sounds interesting and can’t wait to taste the Sancerre (they are thin on the shelves in Phuket)…counting the days!