Anyone that follows Ever Fly Ms Q on Facebook or Twitter, knows that I’m a big fan of independent musical artists, and selectors (DJs). Yes, I can enjoy a mainstream club anthem as much as the next grrl, but I’m moved by artists pushing through to present dope music with creativity and passion.
One of my fave soul singers in the musical firmament also happens to be a selector supreme, Kim Hill. She formerly added the soupçon of hotness that helped to differentiate the OG Black Eyed Peas from their 1990s’ hip hop peers.
She’s fly with hers…trust.

Besides her singing, songwriting and DJ gigs, she’s added a signature DJ web series, SPIN CYCLE™ to her repertoireAn eclectic mix of old & modern soul classics and true school hip hop, she frequently includes underground and lesser-known artists to the mix introducing me, and her thousands-strong audience, to edgy new music. I’m not over-stating to say that her transitions between diverse musical genres is intuitive, subtle and so so flawless.
If you don’t already know Ms Hill – get to know her dopeness:

SPIN CYCLE™ – Effortlessly Sexy
SPIN CYCLE™ – No Sleep Til Brooklyn

SPIN CYCLE™ – All Genres, All Dope
SPIN CYCLE™ – Loft Party Mix