Fly Cocktail: La Réunion

/Fly Cocktail: La Réunion

Fly Cocktail: La Réunion

Smash hit – perfect sunset cocktail for sipping in the garden. Since my fave French fille brought me the fragrant, sweet (& organic) pineapples that I used in this cocktail, I decided to name it in honor of her place of birth – the island of Réunion .

La Réunion: 1 1/2 cups of foamy fresh pineapple juice, 8 young basil leaves shredded & muddled with 1/2 of a thai chili, lemon zest-infused vodka…1-3 oz depending on your level of alcoholism lol. Shake vigorously with ice and serve up in a martini glass. Thank me later…

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