I was recently invited to a cocktail party for a “small yet special group of Phuket’s most interesting people“. Hmm, was this shameless bit of flattery the high-end version of spam?  But then my interest was piqued when I saw that it was from the ultra luxe, Trisara Phuket resort. I last visited the resort about 5 years ago, soon after its opening, for a celebratory dinner. Unfortunately the celebration was dampened, literally, by the monsoon season rain storm. This time I arrived just in time for a gorgeously-lit beach sunset, Phuket style!

It’s not gushing to describe the setting as spectacular – from the well-appointed bar, to the 45 metre saltwater pool which overlooks the sugar-sand beach and stunning sea views, it is clear to see genius (or a higher power) was in play here. Apparently the newly-renovated beachfront bar was the brain-child of Architect Fredo Taffin. He is also the famed designer of the definitive Asian beach club, Ku De Ta in Bali…one of my most cherished spots for sunset cocktails.

Trisara may be a bit of a hike if you are not already situated in Cherng Thalay, located about 15 minutes from the airport. But it’s well worth the drive, not only for the beautiful atmosphere, but also the competent, professional (stylishly-attired) staff – not always a given in upscale Phuket. It’s located a few kilometres down the road from Pavilions and both resorts could use a better location map/driving directions on their website for the driving public. (hint, hint)

But considering my adoration of all things fly, Trisara may become a regular habit…

Caprese salad skewers
Suppli (deep-fried rice balls)