I had never seen or heard of a cannoliccho (razor clam) before my husband found them in the local (Phuket) market. He assured me that these straw-shaped oddities were a delicious delicacy in Italy, as he reminisced of his childhood days fishing for them at the bottom of the sea off the coast near Rome.

When he brought them home (alive) and put them into a bowl of fresh water to clean them, I quickly left the kitchen…seeing them bubble and occasionally spitting water is not for the squeamish.

After they soaked for a few hours (to wash the sand out), he quickly sautéed them for a few minutes in olive oil with garlic and chilies – finished with fresh parsley…and this was the delicious result. Moral of the story – always trust that your natural gourmand husband knows what’s good to eat. ‘Nuff said.