Thai Cuisine: Hor Mok Pla (ห่อหมกปลา)

/Thai Cuisine: Hor Mok Pla (ห่อหมกปลา)

Thai Cuisine: Hor Mok Pla (ห่อหมกปลา)

Hor Mok Pla is one of my fave Thai dishes. Essentially it is a Curry Fish Custard, steamed in banana leaves, with a sophisticated flavor profile: spicy, rich with coconut cream and citrus notes from the kaffir lime leaf. There is much regional debate about its origins, with Cambodia and Malaysia also making a claim, but the Indian, Portuguese and Malaysian culinary influences are undeniable.

The best Hor Mok Pla that I’ve eaten are usually served at market stalls, as opposed to restaurants. The market ladies just seem to add more love and depth to their dish…my fave is the lovely woman at the evening market in front of A-One in Chalong, Phuket. There is always a queue of Thai matriarchs, picking up the family’s evening meal. She also makes a flavorful stewed “Kao Moo”, but that’s for another post…

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