Culinary FLY-ness: LIBERTINE at Le Winch Phuket

LIBERTINE is Phuket's newest dining experience hosted by me, Ever Fly Ms Q, every Wednesday evening alongside Chef Vincent Meuwly at Le Winch (Boat Lagoon).

A refined, yet casual evening event fueled by Chef Vincent's special themed menus and Ever Fly bespoke cocktails, LIBERTINE was created for bon vivants who understand that haute cuisine does not have to equal high price.

This is an intimate evening specially designed for discerning guests with a fun, fearless approach to dining. Each Wednesday a new event motif will be presented, complete with a creative menu, bespoke cocktail and musical programming.

Trust, if you're on the island on a Wednesday night, you will wanna be there. Click the link below for full event details and/or to make a reservation.

Wednesday 25 January

in the spirit of Paris' flamboyant, bohemian quarter

Phuket New Year's Eve 2011 "Oligarch is the New Black"

May I speak frankly? I am stating a fact when I say that I have been to many a fabulous event and soirĂ©e - in many of the world's most desirable locations. 

However, I clearly had not seen fabulousity (© KLS) on a Russian scale - which seems to be equal to jurassic, baller-ific proportions...and I remain humbled.

My initial review of the Beyond Party event website immediately raised the bar and I realized that we may not be in Kansas anymore: 
popstar performances?  
celebrity deejay? 
thematic imagery? 
multi-time zone celebration? 

Kelly Rowland (formerly of Destiny's Child)