FLY cuisine: Amatriciana

AmatricianaPancetta, Onions, Aged Pecorino di Fossa,
Bay leaf, homemade roasted Chili Powder 

Typically, the classic, quintessential Roman plate, Amatriciana, is made with bucatini pasta. But this time we went out on a limb and used "Paccheri", a larger-than rigatoni, smooth tube-like pasta - fantastic choice! The sugo (sauce) filled the tubes nicely, allowing a generous mouthful.

Fab 5 Freddy presents "Wild Style"

Fab 5 Freddy, QBar's Andrew Clark, Ever Fly Ms Q 

Artist & taste-maker Fab 5 Freddy presented his 1983 Hip Hop cult film "Wild Style" to a rapt audience of Bangkok's fly-est folks at hotspot Qbar.   
After the film there was a short Q&A where he dropped science about Hip Hop as a lifestyle, street art, voting in the recent USA election via Absentee ballot and shouted out 2nd term President Obama.  

(please forgive my enthusiastic "amen corner" commentary on the audio)

Ever Fly Ms Q on 89.5 FM Phuket Live Radio

"Lifestyle with Steve Johnston"

Ever Fly Ms Q visited the "Lifestyle with Steve Johnston" show on 89.5 FM Phuket Live Radio to discuss the Ever Fly ethos and the "fly" approach to life in Phuket, Thailand.

Ever Fly Ms Q launches "TGIF!" Cocktail Event

Ever Fly Ms Q 


(Thank Goodness It's Friday!)

Every Friday 6 - 9pm at Zorro Club, Rawai Beach

NO COVER CHARGE | Cocktail, Beer, Wine, Tapas all served ala carte

Zorro Club, Rawai Beach

the ever-popular "Libertini"

"Roman Holiday" an Italian-scented Margarita

The Phuket News covers Libertine and Ever Fly Ms Q

Grazie mille to The Phuket News for the fantastic feature on Libertine and Ever Fly!

Chef Vincent Meuwly & Ever Fly Ms Q

"The Front of the Q"

PHUKET: On an island where the high-end restaurant business is massively competitive, and where many restaurants make most of their income from one or two evenings a week, Le Winch in Boat Lagoon does it every day, at lunch and dinner.

Alasdair Forbes
Monday 7 May 2012, 01:15PM

So good has the living been that the restaurant has been able to have a bit of fun every couple of weeks with its Libertine series of dinners – which are now packed with those in the know.

Libertine – dinners with a theme – is the brainchild of chic American food-lover Quetta Locchi – “Ms Q” to her fans, or “Ever Fly Ms Q” in her own alter ego.

“The Libertine concept grew out of my own desire for an interesting gastronomic experience in Phuket,” Ms Q says.

“I rarely had a dining experience where all of my expectations were satisfied; if the food was delicious, the music and ambiance were lacking. If the atmosphere was stimulating, the menu and wine list were less than stellar or the service was uninspired.

“So the Libertine idea slowly revealed itself over the last two years – to create a thematic event where all elements of a vibrant night out come together: cuisine, ambiance, hospitality, cocktails and wines.”

Fly Cocktail: Lavandières

I created this cocktail for the upcoming, Ever Fly Ms Q-hosted, Côte d'Azur | LIBERTINE at Le Winch. After having a few during the process, the headiness of the lavender really took me right back to my treasured visits to the South of I named it after the french workers that harvest the lavender. Enjoy!

"Lavandières" lavender & citrus martini

"Lavandières" lavender & citrus martini

1 oz vodka infused with rosemary and lemon peel
1.5 oz fresh lavender sugar syrup*
.5 oz fresh lemon juice
.5 oz triple sec
.5 oz club soda

shake 1st four ingredients with ice and serve up in a martini glass, finish with club soda

*lavender sugar syrup is made with 1/2 cup water, 1/4 cup white sugar, 1/4 cup brown sugar, 2 tablespoons fresh or dried lavender flowers. Boil ingredients together for 10-15 minutes.

Fly Peeps: Kim Hill...Deejay kill him

Anyone that follows Ever Fly Ms Q on Facebook or Twitter, knows that I'm a big fan of independent musical artists, and selectors (DJs). Yes, I can enjoy a mainstream club anthem as much as the next grrl, but I'm moved by artists pushing through to present dope music with creativity and passion.

One of my fave soul singers in the musical firmament also happens to be a selector supreme, Kim Hill. She formerly added the soupçon of hotness that helped to differentiate the OG Black Eyed Peas from their 1990s' hip hop peers.

She's fly with

La Dolce Vita | LIBERTINE at Le Winch

The LIBERTINE event "La Dolce Vita" on 1 Feb 2012 was close to my heart: the iconic Fellini movie playing in the background, Martini/Ultra-lounge mood music on the hi-fi, Phuket's bon vivant, libertine-set in a convivial state of mind and Chef Vincent's delicious interpretation of Italian & Roman classics.


“Via Veneto”  Aperitivo
fresh mandarin & basil vodka martini
Melanzane Parmigiana
an eggplant slice pan-fried in extra virgin olive oil, topped with homemade tomato sauce & mozzarella di bufala, sprinkled with Parmigiano Reggiano then baked in oven
Linguine alla Mastroianni*
linguine served with a homemade ricotta & pancetta sauce
*recipe by Marcello Mastroianni
Brasato di maiale al vino bianco e basilico
pork tenderloin slow-braised in white wine and basil served with garlic spinach 
Insalata verde con pomodorini
mixed green salad with cherry tomatoes, dressed with balsamico vinaigrette  
Homemade Tiramisu 

But if last Wednesday catered to my yen for all things Italiano, next week's event is gonna send me soaring - Harlem Renaissance - yes, we are introducing Phuket to Soul Food!

Culinary FLY-ness: LIBERTINE at Le Winch Phuket

LIBERTINE is Phuket's newest dining experience hosted by me, Ever Fly Ms Q, every Wednesday evening alongside Chef Vincent Meuwly at Le Winch (Boat Lagoon).

A refined, yet casual evening event fueled by Chef Vincent's special themed menus and Ever Fly bespoke cocktails, LIBERTINE was created for bon vivants who understand that haute cuisine does not have to equal high price.

This is an intimate evening specially designed for discerning guests with a fun, fearless approach to dining. Each Wednesday a new event motif will be presented, complete with a creative menu, bespoke cocktail and musical programming.

Trust, if you're on the island on a Wednesday night, you will wanna be there. Click the link below for full event details and/or to make a reservation.

Wednesday 25 January

in the spirit of Paris' flamboyant, bohemian quarter

Phuket New Year's Eve 2011 "Oligarch is the New Black"

May I speak frankly? I am stating a fact when I say that I have been to many a fabulous event and soirée - in many of the world's most desirable locations. 

However, I clearly had not seen fabulousity (© KLS) on a Russian scale - which seems to be equal to jurassic, baller-ific proportions...and I remain humbled.

My initial review of the Beyond Party event website immediately raised the bar and I realized that we may not be in Kansas anymore: 
popstar performances?  
celebrity deejay? 
thematic imagery? 
multi-time zone celebration? 

Kelly Rowland (formerly of Destiny's Child)