Fly Cocktail: La Réunion

Smash hit - perfect sunset cocktail for sipping in the garden. Since my fave French fille brought me the fragrant, sweet (& organic) pineapples that I used in this cocktail, I decided to name it in honor of her place of birth - the island of Réunion .

La Réunion: 1 1/2 cups of foamy fresh pineapple juice, 8 young basil leaves shredded & muddled with 1/2 of a thai chili, lemon zest-infused vodka...1-3 oz depending on your level of alcoholism lol. Shake vigorously with ice and serve up in a martini glass. Thank me later...

FLY diva: Happy Birthday Grace Jones

Happy Birthday to the fiercest, FLY-est diva to ever grace a runway, magazine or stage, Grace Jones - a true icon. She is a wholly original artist - visually and musically, but has never received the accolades and recognition that she deserves as an innovative trend-setter. Her three decades of FLY fierceness raising the bar in music, performance and fabulousness can't be denied. She has always rejected being defined by anyone but herself and remains an authentic powerhouse who dances to the beat of her own drumming.

In homage to her creative spirit, I think I'll be rocking 80s style makeup contouring this weekend...Put some Grace in your face!

For your listening pleasure, enjoy this youtube playlist with her full discography - from me to you. Just click here to see all of the songs in the playlist.